Rotorcomp Oilless Compressor


Medium type



Breathing Air

Bauer-Rotorcomp Block Model

D52.4 Oil free Compressor

Free Air Delivery

340 L/min at 130 PSI

Ambient Temperature

+5 bis +45

Max working Pressure

15 bar adjusted by Final Safety Valve

Working Pressure set to

8.9 bar


V- Belt x 1 spa

Prime Mover

3Kw Single Phase Electric Motor 50Hz 1440/2900RPM


72 dB A +/- 2 dB @ 1mtr

Compressor Controller

Local Motor Control Basic

Filling System

Not required

Automatic Condensate Valve












Configuration and Style of Unit

 -          Unit mounted on horizontal Crash frame
-          Compressor block mounted on inner frame
-          Lifting mounting points 4
-          Electrical drive motor mounted on slides for V-belt adjusting
-          Pressure Gauge to indicate final out let pressure  63mm
-          Stainless Steel Air Storage Tank mounted on top of unit.10-20 Ltrs
-          Intake Snorkel extendable 
-          Out let manifold block
-          Compressor control on back side Standard
-          Colour: Compressor frame:   Bauer Blue

Please contact High Pressure Equipment to request information and pricing on compressor unit.